We are always recruiting

  • Food and Beverage Directors

  • Club House Managers

  • Chefs

  • Pastry Chefs

  • Sous Chefs

  • Executive Sous Chefs

We are always replenishing our "people supply" and are looking for new candidates constantly. We work from Fairfax to Miami and throughout Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, Maryland, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas and Virginia.

Our fees are paid by the hiring company, there is no charge to the candidate. We prefer to have resumes e-mailed to us.

Candidates should include the following with their resume: salary history, geographical preference, when they are ready to make a change, what they are looking for and in what direction they are ready to move (a goal statement). Most of our clients will request a drug and alcohol test as well as a background check.


Applicants are hand picked. Most are currently employed and are recruited specifically for opportunities that are available. Each applicant is informed of the companies to which he/she is being presented.


A maximum of two or three resumes are provided per opening. Resumes are discussed by phone before forwarding.


Pre-interview. Client phone conferences are suggested. Phone numbers are provided with resumes. With Chef interviews, we request that the Chef have a period of time on the property for "Kitchen and Personality" testing. Also, we encourage each applicant to spend a day or two observing.


It has taken 20 years to establish our client and candidate base as well as our reputation. Our network is vast which helps tremendously when doing reference checks. If, during a search we find questionable references, the candidate is removed from the search and from our files. Remember, the shelf life of a good candidate is no more than six weeks. More often than not, reference information is obtained personally through our contacts in the industry. These are references you can trust.

Property Visits

An Initial Tour of Property is necessary, when possible, to enhance the recruiting efforts, affording a first hand source of information valuable to client-applicant match. Good employees are the heart of any business organization, therefore, recruiting and hiring key personnel is one of the greatest management decisions.


Twelve-Months Replacement Guarantee when Payment is received within ten days of invoice.