We are not a resume factory

Our search on each job order is customized to meet 95% of the criteria needed. The vast majority of our candidates are currently employed and are hand-selected to meet your specific requirements. The recruitments are made from properties that we are not working with and do not anticipate working with.

Each candidate is verified and referenced when there is interest and an interview is conducted. Our attrition rate is less than 10% and our guarantee period is twelve months. We do not work in volume and we try to keep our send-outs to four per order. If we have not had a successful match at that point, then we re-evaluate the search to see if we have missed any key factors. Remember, there is no fee unless a hire is made and it costs nothing to look at our resume selection. To work successfully with a recruiting agency, the person hiring must develop a relationship of trust and communication with our assigned Account Executive.

Our Account Executive is the key to bringing the right person to the position. In our candidate package we provide a resume, photograph, presentation and bio from each candidate. Before the recruiter starts the screening process, he or she should understand all requirements of the job, including a realistic measure of accomplishments, which the candidate must have achieved in his current position in order to be considered for the job.


It is important that the Account Executive be familiar with all aspects of the property, work environment, and personalities. Details also should be provided on the hiring company's benefit package. A monetary value should be attached to the benefits so that the candidate can compare, dollar-for-dollar, the non-taxable income.

With this information, the Account Executive can properly advise the candidate on all aspects of the company and assure that the potential employee has as much interest in the company as the company has in the candidate. Selling the company is equally important as selling the candidate. The Account Executive will need to be given the exact date when a person is needed. Once candidates are recruited for the position, the client should move quickly on the interview process.

A good recruiting service goes beyond meeting today's recruiting needs, it also plays an important role in future hiring. Since the agency is actively involved in the personnel market every day, the Account Executive has knowledge of current salary changes in the industry, and whether a company's benefits or perks are competitive. The experienced Account Executive gets to know the best candidates for the best possible matching ... Quickly.

When a company calls with a specific request, Von Paulhus & Associates, LLC many times can identify a perfect match immediately, and with our state-of-the-art equipment, can have a telephone interview set up within an hour.